Sunday, November 16, 2008

Featured Blogs ~ 3rd week of November

For the past 3 Sundays in November I've been going through the list of blogs on the right that I enjoy for my blog reading pleasure and writing out a little overview of why these specific blogs make my list. So off we go to this weeks part of the list beginning with...

Meg ~ The Running Watwoods
Meg is one of my former college roommates. She's one of those people that I have on my list of most hilarious people I've ever known. Most of my funniest memories from college {that don't include alcohol} involve Meg in some way. I've told some of them on this blog before, and this is about her blog, which doesn't disappoint. Her blog details her life with hubby Shane and their darling little girl Sophie. Shane and Meg are avid marathoners! Not just runners... MAR-A-THON-ERS! Check out their life in Waco, TX on the run!

Megan ~ In This Wonderful Life
Megan is from my hometown and also besties with Katie, who was featured last week! Megan and her husband Brent are newlyweds in Tulsa, OK. They have a sweet fur-kid named Elton who also dressed as a bumble bee this year for Halloween. Apparently all the cool animals did it. Megan's blog is fantastic for this reason, she updates a lot ~ with pertinent content, I might add and always has lots of pictures! The more I read her blog the more I wish she and Brent were going to somehow magically get transferred to Lexington, KY, because I think she and I could have a lot of fun together in real life! This is a blog you will not want to miss for the holidays, because I know she's going to have some pretty fabulous decorations on display.

Mrs. Tongg ~ Hi, Friend!
Amanda is my very good friend who lives out in Cali. The funny thing is is that I absolutely count her among my very good friends, and we've only seen each other 3 times in our life. It's one of those connections, I suppose, because we talk a few times a month and pick up just like we're talking over coffee. She and her hubby started dating about a month or two before me and Justin and got married 3 weeks after us. Her blog is a nice document of her life with her Hawaiian hunk, Mikey and their crazy life! They just bought their first house and have been very busy turning it into their California Dream Home.

Rena ~ Have you had your latin kiss today?
Sirena and I both went to the same college, but didn't meet until after we moved to Austin ~ she's a friend of a friend=) Right now is the perfect time to start reading Rena's blog, because she's 2 weeks away from getting married and about 6 weeks away from moving to the Middle East. How's that for a good read? I'm excited to see how the changes of being a newlywed and being new to a foreign country translate into her blog!

Ryan ~ Ryan's Pearl
Ryan is my bloggy friend that I met through THIS blog! She started her own blog not long ago and hit the ground running! I'm always jealous of people who just start their blog and are good about updating everyday! I want your self discipline! I want the marathoner's above self discipline too, but you can't always get what you want. For all of you friends who wish you could see more recipes here, head over to Ryan's blog, because she always has some fantastic Florida seafood on her green egg grill. Just wait until me, Ryan and Allie get together...the kitchen will never be the same!