Monday, November 03, 2008

Face Full O' Migas!

One of the biggest things weighing on my mind and fluttering my nervous tummy this week was the big Texas game. There was several ways to spin it and different scenarios of the way the game would play out and I considered all of them, but really it all came down to what would happen on the field. I could hardly watch last night and I tried desperately to change the karma, but in the end there was nothing I could do to help the Longhorns. I woke up this morning having dremt all night of different outcomes. GET A LIFE MAMA!

When I woke up I felt like I had a hangover; seriously, it was a football hangover and my feelings were hurt. Really, there's only one cure to any hangover when you're in Austin, Texas and like any smart person would do I went and buried my sorrows and my face into a big ole plate of MIGAS!

Anyone else taken pictures of their food at a restaurant? It's a little weird, but I'm thinking that a few of you Non~Texans (Bless your heart) might be saying Mi-what? Meee-Gus! Ok, so let's examine the plate above. We have eggs scrambled with tortilla strips, sauteed white onions, tomatoes, fresh screaming hot jalapenos, chorizo, all covered in queso and coupled with a heaping side of refried beans.

Look at that happy face even if I have on the same old shirt that I wear every weekend! What, it's comfy and cool... don't judge me! Back to the migas. Typically I would eat my migas wrapped into a tortilla and eaten like a breakfast taco, but today I conquered my plate with a fork and chips. Yumm-O!

As you can see Justin had a full plate of enchilada goodness and he about licked his plate clean. This was at the Enchiladas y Mas stop of our Tex-Mex tour and I have to say I think it took a commanding lead over the rest!