Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Vote or Die

I have yet to be political on this blog or share my political views or campaign for the man I will be voting for and I WILL be voting this year, and not to worry ~ today is NOT the day I will start sharing this information. Truth is, I didn't vote in the last election, because I do not live in a battleground state, so I didn't fool with re-registering and voting. I currently don't live in a battleground state, but I was convicted to vote this year. Convicted by the thought of all the women who fought for MY right to vote today and felt a little bad that I had never really taken it seriously. I know... Sister Sufferagette!

On this very special voting day I have to share with you my very favorite you tube video of all time. It's absolutely the opposite of women's equality, so if you are feeling a little fuddy duddy or you are not easily amused by very crass humor then skip this video.

Vote or Die, Bitches!