Sunday, November 09, 2008

Featured Blogs ~ 2nd Sunday of November 2008

I was just scrolling through my list of blogs and realized if I didn't pick up the pace we wouldn't be through the entire list by the end of November! Did you read any of the ones last week? It's ok if you didn't, I'm not mad atcha! Moving along to this week...

Christina ~ My Driver's Ed
Christina is my Chicago sister-friend and my sounding board. We were put into each other's life at the exact time that we both needed another strong woman to be friends with. We were married 3 months apart and adore spending time together as couples or apart at a girl's weekend. Our husband's are very much alike from their personalities to their families, so we have plenty of reassuring conversations that our husbands aren't that weird! Her blog, while not updated too frequently (hint, hint) is a fantastic collection of her life stories. I can guarantee you that you will laugh to you cry and think, really, that happened to her?

Dooce ~ Dooce

If you haven't ever heard of Dooce or read of Dooce, then you must have joined the blog world this morning. Her blog is a "mommy blog" but the furthest from the typical mommy blog where every single post is about her baby pooping or sleeping or watching tv. The stories are real, but the writing twist she spins on them will leave you laughing and you'll think about it later in the day when you're in line at the grocery store and laugh again and people will think you're crazy.

I found this blog when I lived in Chicago and could relate, because I was a Homesick Texan who was also missing her Tex-Mex. If you like food, namely southern food, you will love spending your time watering up your taste buds and drooling over her childhood memories and the beautiful pictures she takes of her food in her new york city apartment. And now I must go and find some refried beans to stick my face in.

Katie ~ I typically have something to say

Katie and I grew up in the same town... not specifically together due to ages and schools, but our mom's lunch at least once a week (Hi, Carolyn!), so we're linked through the nacho club! Katie is a newlywed and a newlyblogger! She and her husband live in Oklahoma and she always has a good story to tell about married life or a quirky entry about how to tweak numbers to save your money! Blog Welcome Wagon People, do take a minute and head over to Katie's blog and leave her a comment of encouragement, but this is a girl who we will not soon grow tired of!

Laura ~ Camp Crawford

Do y'all remember me meeting Laura? The long and short of it is I was shoe shopping in Lexington and Laura and I struck up conversation and realized that I had read her blog before! Such a small blog world! Laura has a darling blog that details her life with her hubby Pete and two dogs ~ Hannah & Fiona! Laura is a very talented project person, so you'll enjoy seeing her cupcake creations and sewing projects!