Saturday, November 08, 2008

Go Bears Go...kind of

I was reading the transcript from the Mack Brown press conference from this past Monday and found the most interesting ending quote. Living in Austin for 3 years made me adore Mack Brown. I think he is genuinely a good and decent man, not to mention one of the greatest college football coaches of our time.

taken from Mack Brown - Texas football
On seeing Kendal Briles, Casey Horny and Beau Trahan on the opposing coaching staff this week for Baylor: I hadn't thought about it. How neat is that? It's fun to have Major [Applewhite] back for us. It was fun when we had Derek Lewis on our staff. It's going to be a lot of fun to see those guys over there and they've done an amazing job. Art [Briles] has had them in about every game, giving them a chance to win. I know he's not happy with losing, but you can see progress. When Vince [Young] was a freshman, you could see we lost some games, but we had a chance to get better because of him. That's what I see with Robert Griffin now. We all better grab and hold on because it's not going to be the same Baylor from this point on. I hope they don't get it turned this weekend.

I'm sure there are some Baylor grads out there that think I'm running with the devil when I cheer for Texas, and typically I would cheer for Baylor over Texas, but probably not this weekend. Don't take it personal... I'd just rather see Texas vie for a solid BCS Bowl or the National Championship than I would Texas Tech.

Take heart bear fans... even Mack Brown now thinks that the best is yet to come for our dear team.