Monday, November 24, 2008

My Face on Facebook

After a year and a half stint of being off the Facebook wagon I decided 2 weeks ago that I'd give it another shot. It just got so nosey with the live news feed and all. I know, I'm the girl that tells stories about my life and my husband on my blog for the whole wide world to read, but why don't we all get real honest ~ the WHOLE WIDE WORLD is not reading my blog. Plus, I don't think creepy stalkers read blogs, just people like me and you, so I have no problem with someone I never met seeing the new shoes I bought or critiquing my make up. It just bugged me that people I actually knew could log in and see who I was having dinner with. What? I'm weird.

Since I've been gone apparently EVERYONE has gotten on Facebook. You're on Facebook, right?
Now I'm back, privacy restrictions in place with only a handful of friends, and much to my husband's disdain I've found one more thing to keep me attached at the hip with the laptop after I've read all the blogs and then all the blog friend's blogs. Much to my iPhone's disdain I've found a new way to quickly drain the battery. Truth be told, the main reason I got back on was because of the Facebook application... oh and I got sick of saying NO when people asked if I was on!