Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Some people do arts and crafts...I wish I was one of 'em!

I've had a major creative itch that I haven't been able to scratch lately and it's killing me! At this point I'd even take writing pretty quotes with my nice pen if I had it! Last time I was home it was warm enough to sit outside and sand down old furniture and then I'd repaint it. I think I still have one old chest of drawers to do, so you can bet that I'll be bundling my hiney up and heading outside immediately and get to crafting.

Next on my list of projects is to recreate this piece of art seen on DearDaisyCottage.

How darling and colorful, right? When I'm at Gram's next week I'm going to go on a treasure hunt for old jewels to add to the tree! I have the perfect frame for this that's much heavier and ornate than the frame above, but still beautifully old and junky. Since I only have 2 ~ Yes, 2 Christmas decorations TOTAL I hope to be through before Christmas Eve! Well, 4 now if you count the stockings I purchased for us today.

After that project I have decided to learn to sew. I was further encouraged on this notion when I found out Saturday night that Ryan sews and she did her own curtains! I found this gorgeous fabric at Hobby Lobby the other day and thought that's my cue... I have to learn! It's not perfectly matchy match, because it a little muted from our main bedroom colors, but I think it will be nice accent. So, Ryan want to come to Kentucky in a few weeks? I'll meet you at the gate with wine!
Thankfully, Mom is graciously giving me her old sewing machine if I can find room for it in the car. My plan is to get really good at curtains and hems. The curtains would bring new life to my house and learning to hem would bring new life for my 5 foot 1 self and all my pants! AHHHHHHHH~ 7 more days until arts and crafts bliss!