Friday, November 28, 2008

Time for new traditions?

Just wanted to give y'all a little peek at mine and justin's Thanksgiving feast! I think it's about the furthest from turkey and dressing you can get, but when in Austin... Tex Mex it is! Last year was the first time either of us had spent significant holiday's away from our families ~ Thanksgiving for Justin, Christmas for me. This year we were both away from our families and naturally entertained the idea of what it would be like to start a new tradition for ourselves and have mexican food for Thanksgiving. It seemed like an ok idea while we stuffed our faces with carne asada and quesadillas, but I was wracked with jealousy today when I asked our employees how their day was and they all went on and on about the food!

I missed all the pies and the stuffing and the green bean casserole so bad that I'm not sure if our traditions can change anytime soon. How many days until Christmas?