Tuesday, January 06, 2009

hold that thought.

this is the first time i've had internet access since SATURDAY! justin can go days even weeks without ever even thinking about logging in to his email, but this two day stint has seemed like an eternity.

anyway... wanted to let you know that ~

1. we made it through ANOTHER move and stayed married!

2. we made it to tupelo safe and sound.

3. we shipped 15 boxes of our stuff, but don't worry ~ the xbox and tv are packed nicely in the car.

4. i feel like i have moved to seattle, because it hasn't quit raining since i got her. anyone want to guess how much me and lola love this?

5. i had my first elvis spotting last night.

cross your fingers, send up good thoughts and say a prayer that i will be connected with the rest of the world by tomorrow evening.

i've missed you internet.