Friday, January 09, 2009

INITIAL thoughts on tupelo

Finally ~ connected in Tupelo! Justin and I moved into our apartment here late Wednesday night and couldn't get the internet to work! Salt in the wound my friend while that ethernet cable taunted me! On the flip side, I am happy to report that it's one of the nicest apartments Justin and I have ever lived in.

I have 4 days total of Tupelo under my belt and I'm thinking I could really get used to SOUTHERN living. Remember when Britney was interviewed by Matt Lauer and she said, "Maaatt, I'm CONtry!" That's what it feels like. I'm living in the CONtry now and I expect to see Sean Preston riding on the lap of his mama any day now.

I've discovered that one of the best things about being in the CONtry is that TJ Maxx is like a GOLD mine! It also makes you feel like you've moved next door to all your best friends. Everyone here is truly so nice. In two days, Justin and I have already met both of our neighbors, and in our two different homes in Lexington we didn't know a soul. How about that? I feel like I'm living in the neighborhood where I grew up and every one knew every one and we all played together. Even Lola stood face to face with another all black shih-tzu yesterday, so I believe that she's going to fit in nicely.

Just so every one here can understand me I'm going to go ahead and slip back into my east Texas drawl that I worked so hard to get rid of, so you shouldn't worry if there are a lot more Y'alls and Ma'ams around here!
I hope you all have a fantastic January weekend and I'll look to getting back into the swing of things next week!
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