Monday, January 12, 2009

Shamed at the Secret

This past weekend I found myself browsing the bins at the semi annual sale at the local Victoria's Secret.  The last time I was even in Victoria's Secret was LAST January when I was in Chicago celebrating the new year and Janna and I were getting pajamas and lip gloss.

I just about NEVER go there to buy unmentionables.  I know for a fact that the last time I bought a bra there I was in college, and I know that I've never bought panties there.  I think I got a free pair once, but never paid for them.  I like to set prices in my mind of what I think things should cost, and $50 for a bra is not what I have in mind.  Yes, I would wear it every day, but $50 is 'spensive!  Oh I'm sure you can argue that the quality is just so much better, but if I only spend $10 for a bra or $2.99 for panties I sure don't feel bad getting rid of them when they're old.  Get what I'm saying?

But some how on Saturday, they got me.  I was lured in by the $14.99 sign and I even checked with the sales girl.  "Seriously, every bra in this bin is $14.99?"  They were, so a digging I went.  I found a handful hoping to get two perfect fits, because that was the spending limit I had set.  Before I walked into the dressing room I said a silent prayer that I'd come out looking like Heidi Klum or Gisele.  Either would work ~ I'm not picky.

Now for the good news and the bad news.  Good = I found 2 perfect fitting booby holders.  Bad = I did not walk out as beautiful or as tall as H or G.  Can't win them all.  

The sales lady begins to ring me up and ask the usual of all sales people.  

"Do you have an angel's credit card?"  

"No, ma'am."  

"Would you like an angel's card." 

 I look straight into her sparkly blue eyes and say, "Honestly, ma'am, these bras are the first bras I've bought here in at least 10 years, so a Victoria's Secret credit card won't be necessary."

 "10 YEARS?"  

"Ma'am, I am very cheap, so I usually just purchase my bras for a less expensive price."  

"Well with the card you can sometimes save 50% off some of our styles."  

Why is she begging me?  I'm guessing she'll get a hefty commission off of me signing up for a card.  I'm also starting to feel like she's SHAMING me for not wanting a Victoria's Secret Credit Card.  "With all due respect, if I get 50% off, that's still about $15 more dollars than I prefer to pay for bras."


There I stood dripping in shame from the Victoria's Secret sales lady for not wanting to sign up for a credit card.  I said no, because I meant no, not because I didn't know of all the savings I could potentially get should I chose to use the card.  I'm thinking they need to re work their approach because times are tough and not everyone needs to be signing up for CREDIT!

I came out on top, because I walked out of there with a major deal because one of the bras I chose was mistakenly put in the sale bin.  Take that little lady... guess that angel was with me even without that card!