Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Movie Wars

One of the opposing differences that Justin and I have to work through is the movies.  He LOVES going to the movies and the experience of it all.  The popcorn, the theater, the big screen, he loves it all.  And he's not picky either.  That's how much he likes going to the movies; he'll go just to go.  ME?  I majored in movies and here's my E True Hollywood Confession ~ I hate going to the movies.

It may have a tiny bit to do with the fact that while I'm sitting through the movie I can think of 9,000 other things that I COULD have just spent $20 on.  I like to think it has more to do with the fact that I'm a relational being that craves conversation and one on one interaction.  And truth be told, I always feel like I might be missing something else that's going on.

Justin and I do have this thing that that we started last year and I suppose we'll do it again this year, so I'll go ahead and call it a tradition.  We see all the Academy Award Best Picture Nominations.  A few of them last year were HEAVY macho guy movies and they about did me in for the entire year.  Well, until my SATC came out and I could darken the doors of the theater again.

One night while we were in Austin it was a little chilly outside and seemed perfect weather to snuggle up to the one I love in a movie theater.  So I say to Justin, "Hey, what would you think about going to the movies tonight?"  him,"YOU want to go to the movies?"  me,"Yeah, it seems like a mighty fine night to go to the movies."  him, "GOOD, we'll go see BOND!"  

wait, wait... how.did.this.just.happen?

I'm working at being a better wife, so I figured this weekend I'd suggest another movie and like a beacon of hope in a dark dark sea of macho guy movies BRIDE WARS came out!  I, of course, chose it just to torture my husband, and in return it was total crap.  Kind of cute, not so funny, but it sure beat the hell out a psychopath killing people! {note: i don't think Bond is a psychopath.  i think he's a really really hot killer.}