Thursday, January 15, 2009

We got served!

Although our stay in Tupelo is temporary for now, Justin and I are living and working with the mindset this is a permanent move. We spent most of 2008 on the road and in and out of different towns and cities and I ended 2008 feeling very unsettled and all out of sorts. In an effort to make this town our home we visited a local church this past weekend. We saw it earlier in the week and it was a beautiful old church and I commented to Justin, "Wow, that church is beautiful!" And he suggested we try. You know, because we pick our home church based on looks alone. Incidentally one of our friends here goes to church there and invited us to join him on Sunday.

In our true fashion we were running a little late, but found a spot that wasn't 1/2 a mile from the door so we pulled in. Have I mentioned just how nice everyone is in Tupelo? OMG ~ this ain't the midwest anymore, people! We walk through the doors of the balcony and a lady motions for us to come over and sit down by her and her husband. You know when strangers say hi just because they are friendly and you wrack your brain trying to remember if you know them? Ok, it's like that when you walk past anyone here, because everyone is THAT friendly. At the end of the service the lady welcomed us to the church and introduced herself by first and last name. I love that, because I do that. It helps me remember names if I hear both.

As we get to our car I hear my perfect angel husband say, "Son of a ..." except he says the word and I take cover, because: A) My husband NEVER utters such irreverent language AND B) We are 10 feet from the front door of God's House! This is what caused the fall of my man...

Would you believe that some Barney Fife was cruising the streets by the church handing out tickets? I'm guessing by the lack of southern hospitality he must be from around these parts and I'm wondering... will the fine we pay count as our tithe?