Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I might be getting kicked out of the republican party.

There's a good chance that the powers that be might kick me out of the republican party tomorrow, because I'm so excited about the inauguration! I thought about begging Justin for the day off or faking a sore throat so I could watch the festivities beginning with TODAY and carry on throughout the day and ending the evening with MTV for the Be the Change Inaugural Ball, BUT I figure out today that I'll be able to catch the festivities from work. No matter the candidate, I love the history and pomp and circumstance of the occasion and attending and inauguration is on my list of things to do before I die. Guess I better transfer it to my vision board, right Oprah?

Dream with me for a minute... wouldn't it be so fun to go to one of those inaugural balls? Almost as fun as being at the Vanity Fair Oscar party. I'm thinking if you went to any of them this year it would be a LOT like going to a celebrity flocked awards party.

Want to know what my dress would look like? Well I poured over website after website browsing gowns and I decided that I'd rather just wear this dress.

Oh I have no idea who this girl is, but I know that my friend Ali did her hair for her wedding and her dress is maybe the most gorgeous dress I've ever seen. Wouldn't this wedding gown make a perfect Inaugural Ball Gown? That tall ruffle collar gets me EVERY time! I wish I could see what y'all would pick and while we're wishing I wish we could all just go together. I would so be breaking it down to Usher's YEAH at that Be the Change Ball.

For the record, I did shed a tear at W's farewell speech. I'm so bad with good byes, but I am hoping that my tears will get me back in the party.

Happy Inauguration Day, my sweet friends!