Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's a Girl's Trip!

I haven't let the cat out of the bag here on the old blog, but since it's exactly 1 month away and it's consuming a LOT of my thoughts, my work outs and my shopping trips, I thought I better share.

If you missed Ryan's blog yesterday then you missed a good laugh. When I clicked on her blog I about spilled my Metamucil I was laughing so hard. In case you can't tell... from left to right ~ Lesli (Kendra), Ryan (Holly) and Allie (Bridget). Ryan picked the Girls Next Door, because according to her it was the only picture she could find of 3 girls together. I for one am not complaining because I do not hate being tall and skinny.

If you couldn't figure it out by the picture... 3 of the 4 fat chicks are headed to LAS VEGAS! We have 1 more month until go day and I am giddy with excitement. Sadly for me, the other fat chick is going the week before. wonk wonk.

Our itinerary includes eating, shopping and more eating! Well, and if weather cooperates perhaps some time at our hotel pool... we're staying at The Wynn. I will make no promises about being good with my eating and working out while I'm there, but I PROMISE I will work hard before and pick right back up when I return home. Wait, dancing counts as cardio, right?

EVERYONE has a vegas suggestion, so when you think of things that you love about vegas what is something that you think the 3 fat chicks would enjoy while living it up in sin city?