Thursday, January 29, 2009

Last one to the TWITTER party is a rotten egg!

I finally gave in to the distraction that is TWITTER! Allie and Ryan have been twittering for a while now and on my drive to work I had this random thought pop into my head and I thought, I have got to put that on my blog. Then I figured you probably wouldn't want to click over to this blog to read one sentence, so all signs pointed to TWITTER!

Basically TWITTER is 140 character blogging or a website where you can put only facebook status updates for all you facebookers. If y'all are anything like me you have random thoughts come into your brain and you think that would be such a good blog post and then you realize you can only form 2 more sentences to go with that thought, but it's worth sharing with SOMEONE! If that happens to you ~ TWITTER is for YOU!

If you'll notice to the right of your screen I have a scrolling update of my Twitterings and so far I think I'm pretty good about keeping it updated, but now I want you to join me! I'm sure all my fabulous bloggy friends have fantastic thoughts that I'd love to be distracted with throughout the day and night! Follow me at and YOU join ~! Last one to join is a rotten egg!