Friday, January 30, 2009

The Pampered Pooch

As promised, here are pictures of my little princess after her day 'o beauty! I picked this place, because they referred to dogs as babies on their website. Upon arrival I knew that Lola would receive the best pampered treatment a dog could ever want.

The first time we had her groomed we took her to PetSmart in Austin and when we came to pick her up the man glared at me and said, "Here's your DOG!" "Oh, and here are her bows... we couldn't get them in." Then they charged me $50 to cut my 8lb dog's hair. If they treated her like he acted to me, I'm sure she acted terrible.

I expected to hear the worse from these groomers too, because she's a very excitable dog and I thought maybe she just acts bad at the groomers.

But she was a perfect angel and they loved her. The lady even invited her to come and hang out with them anytime I didn't want to leave her home alone!

Thank you for indulging me!


AS ALWAYS ~ Today is FRIDAY and you know what the means for the FAT CHICKS! WEIGH IN DAY! Check out to see how we did this week!