Thursday, February 05, 2009

Blog readers might be strangers, but they aren't that strange.

I, like most of you, read blogs through the Google Reader. One of my favorite things about google reader is that it picks an assortment of blogs that I might be interested in. Really, if you're a blog lover and keep up with more than a couple of blogs you should really look into Google Reader. I won't even get mad atcha if you want to just read this blog from reader and never directly hit again. So, in the past few months that I've used google reader I've started following numerous blogs that belong to people that I've met only through the crazy little thing called the world wide web.

The thing I hate about google reader actually has nothing to do with google reader at all, but I HATE when people that I've been following through reader make their blogs private because they are worried about all the creepy people lurking in the blog reader world. No, I am NOT going to email you so I can be invited to your private blog reading party unless you are my REAL LIFE FRIEND, because that's where blog strangers start to get the creepy wrap. Call me naive, but I think that if all of us blog readers got together to share a glass of wine and all our stories, we'd find out that we're really not that creepy after all.

If you'll remember in December, I posted that I was moving to Tupelo, Mississippi, and blog lover Shanda mentioned she lived nearby and liked to eat and shop there. Since I hate eating and shopping I never contacted her again. The End.

Only kidding! We met at the mall a week after I have arrived and have found time to see each other at least once a week since then to share meals or drag the stores! It boggles my mind a little to think about how people randomly come into your life and you share many similarities. She and I love the wine, love to shop and love to goss... we are both newly-wed to husbands that err on the conservative side of life... hers is a preacher and mine went to seminary. See, all us blog readers are more alike than we probably think.

While Justin is my other half, it goes without saying that women need other it in person, through google reader or over the phone. It's amazing how developing a relationship with a good girlfriend can make you feel settled and at home. Today marks my first month in Tupelo and I can honestly say that it's a pleasure to be here.

Lesli & Shanda
SuperBowl Supper 2009