Tuesday, February 10, 2009

i blame it on the PUNX!

Punxsutawney Phil that is. Have y'all felt like you've been in a funk? My Gawd I have! Seems like everyone, has been in a bad mood, has been sick and just all around bogged down in the doldrums of winter. Even this blog. I have plenty to post and while writer's block might not be real, I just can't seem to sum any of my entries.

Here's what's on my nerves...
-People {in general}
-That octuplet mom... i do NOT care how she plans to care for her kids
-My scale... that ugly number WILL go down!
-Grey's Anatomy... why didn't he propose & why did they waste my time with private practice
Let's see if we can lift that nasty mood...
Here's what makes me happy...
-Fabulous girls trip in T-Minus 11 days... ahhhh!
-Hair is getting REALLY long
-My other half has a fabu meal planned for V-Day
-Biggest Loser is on tonight...which means 2 hours with my favorite people! Hi Jillian, Hi Bob!
So... PUNX... here I am, giving you the double middle finger and saying get gone with you bad self! Funk be lifted!