Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rockwall County Line

Hi friends! April has been such a whirlwind month, but maybe the best of 2009! As soon as we got back from Orange Beach, we immediately had to throw ourselves completely into our work. Then the next thing I knew my MIL was knocking at my door to spend the week. I mostly rearranged my suitcase and then headed back out the door to spend a weekend in Rockwall County with my Fat Chicks. {Please don't think I'm being rude... in case you don't know, I have a weight loss blog with 3 of my friends ~}

As it turns out... when 4 good friends get together there ends up being 2 point & shoot cameras, 1 SLR camera & 3 iPhones taking pictures all of different things. When we got back from Vegas, I looked at ALL of the pictures over and over and over. I just uploaded mine, and they are random & mostly blurry, EXCEPT... I got pics of the most beautiful kids in the Dallas area!

Allie always gets to show them off, but I've found that when I'm around them with my camera I can't help but snap away. The 3 of them are the easiest subjects, because they are simply gorgeous. Meet ~ Logan, Layton & Landry.

for more on these 3 dolls please visit they blogs of Gerhart Gang & Aunt Sis. Love you kiddos ~ miss y'all already!