Sunday, November 22, 2009

Princeton, KY

As mentioned in the previous post, Justin & I got out of Mississippi for a night and a day and headed up to Princeton, Kentucky for Justin's grandmother's Christmas open house at her antique store. Please ignore the fact that you've already recently seen me in the shirt above, thank you! Princeton is actually smaller than Kentucky, but we enjoy going there especially this time of year, because the fall is beautiful and life is simple. And I always seem to find fantastic treasures at Antiques on Main.
Here's Justin in front of the store. Now that I think about it, I can't believe I didn't snap any pictures inside. Probably couldn't have done it justice and I was too busy looking for what was going home to my house.
First off, I found these Santa mugs and immediately handed them over to Justin for safe keeping. The open house brings the whole town out, so you have to get while the getting is good. I then snagged this beat up wash bowl and old Noel dish rag. I'm thinking this is going to make a great holiday centerpiece on my kitchen table!
Justin had his eye on this 8 paned window, and we already have several windows with glass in them, but we kept coming back to it.
I recently saw this idea on another blog and I'm going to get creative with my pane and figure out a way to incorporate it into a pot rack. New project!
Finally, I took full advantage of the Christmas love ~ my mother in law wanted me to pick something out and I immediately fell in love with this entry way table! It also came with a shelf, but I find myself without a hammer and nail, so this is how it's currently set up. Justin's grandmother was sweet enough to give me 4 milk glass plates that I hope to string with ribbon and hang on the wall.

I just realized that I'm missing a table! I found this fabulous round scallop~ey table that will be perfect once I take my sander to it and give it a fresh new coat of paint! Guess that table will have to have a post all it's own!

Happy thanksgiving week, friends! Our life is about to get CRAZY!