Friday, February 05, 2010

We are the 2 best friends that anyone can have!

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that we adopted a new dog. Our dogs are our babies, so I have to be very careful to clarify when I slip and say ~ we adopted a new baby. She's just black and furry and has four legs.

Justin and I had been talking about this for a while and decided to go through with it after Christmas. The main reason we wanted another dog was for Lola to have a companion. Lola has a LARGE personality and never meets a stranger. She about goes into cardiac arrest every time we mention going to her friends house, so we thought perhaps she'd like a friend in her house.

We went to the shelter on a Monday and looked around. Listen here... if you don't want a dog at all, GUARD YOUR HEART ~ don't go to the shelter! Your heart will most certainly break and you'll fall in love. When they took Stella out of her cage, she wrapped arms around me and melted my heart. We gave it a couple of days, and then brought Lola back with us so the two of them could "bond." As best you can bond in a concrete room with the sound of dogs yelping and barking in the back ground. We didn't expect them to be BFF at first sight, but the main point was that they got along and didn't fight.

I'll be honest ~ Lola is a spoiled little first child/only child diva and I was unsure how this new transition would go, but from day 1 she's been very protective of her little sissy. We are 3 weeks in now and it's been so nice to have two.

I was a little worried that having two dogs would be major difficult, but I can't explain how MUCH easier it was to go from 1 to 2 than from 0 to 1. They entertain themselves and mostly Stella does whatever Lola does. It feels very strange to not be followed everywhere we go in the house! However, their personalities are VERY different.

Lola ~ sassy, independent, firecracker, leader

Stella ~ lovey, sweet, gentle, follower

I do feel like we probably adopted some one's almost trained precious house dog. She's very well minded and understands No, Sit, Stay, etc. There have been a few accidents, but she mostly has them in the bathroom or the concrete floor.

The girls are the best of friends and partners in crime. Pictured above is them with their favorite toy ~ the paper towel roll. Lola is guarding it and Stella is on the look out. But look at those faces... how could we not love these babies?