Tuesday, March 16, 2010


wanted to give you guys an idea of what my menus for the days look like. not super entertaining, but it keeps me accountable and more importantly, aware!

breakfast ~

1 banana

1 slice of whole grain toast w/ almond butter

8oz of almond milk


morning snack ~

nothing... i was on the road, but one of my FAVORITE travel snacks {of course if CFA in not close by} is the fruit & walnut salad from McDonalds! of course on the detox, you'd skip the yogurt, but it's not a huge serving anyway.


lunch ~

i met my aunt out to eat for lunch, and it's a small town so we had mexican. i ate chips & salsa, but kept my servings to a minimum. we're always chatty, so that helped us both not to gorge! We didn't even eat one basket of chips! I ordered a Tostaguac with no beef or cheese, so basically ~ corn tortilla, guacamole, beans, tomato and lettuce! They accidently put beef on mine, so I had to scoop about 1/2 a pound of ground beef off! yikes!

water to drink


afternoon snack ~

1 banana


dinner ~


natural peanut butter on whole grain bread {sandwich}

large fruit cup


First day will probably be the most challenging, because I was in the car for most of the day. I can not stress to you enough how important it is to get your protein in! If you are eating protein and not eating meat your body won't miss meat, but it does feel weird if you're used to a meat and two sides at lunch or dinner.

Also, the first time I did a detox week in January I expected MASSIVE headaches because I was a MASSIVE unsweet/sweet tea drinker. Surprisingly, when I wasn't putting crap into my body my body didn't punish me with a headache.

The hardest part for me will definitely be no sugar. Why on earth would I chose Texarkana week for Detox week? Hello, Bryce's Pie? Yes. I'm.An.Idiot.