Monday, April 19, 2010

Easter Birthday

Only 15 days later...{my birth day in pictures.}

Good Morning ~ I am 29. I snapped pics throughout the day as a way to photograph the moment. So, here was my first sight of myself as a 29 year old. The first thing I did was get up and put my work out clothes on so I could do some yoga. This is my absolute favorite work out shirt right now ~ got it in a clothes swap and it was the best swap ever! Loose but not baggy, good arm coverage, nice v neck... perfect. And isn't my new iPhone cover darling? Those are black, clear & hot pink rhinestones...Sassy little birthday gift!

Ah... back to the day...can't start the morning without this little one at my feet.

Good morning, baby Stella! Such a happy girl wagging her tail. Look what we found waiting for us in the kitchen ~

First we found this box in the corner...

And this jewel sitting on the counter! Glee ensued! I use a hand held emulsifier to mix things instead of a blender, so I figured instead of getting a blender I'd just go straight to a juicer. Ali inspired me and by now... I am in love!

Moving along ~ it is Easter Sunday, so we best get together our Easter Attire & get out the door to church!

Look ~ I didn't wear my yoga clothes to church! Interestingly enough, I wore this dress in Orange Beach last year on my birthday. Faux Pas? It was liberating picking out my "Easter dress" the morning of church and not fooling with the fuss of specifically buying something new. Aren't we always buying something new?

Justin is happy to coordinate with my clothes. I love that about him.

We were both very excited to be enjoying brunch outside. Enjoyed it so much my shoulders got burned and I had no idea!

Couldn't get enough of the sun, so we opened the sun roof, loaded the babies and headed to the park!

See... there we are coordinating again. I believe this was one of those moments where we walked out of our closest and were like, "We match!" Funny how that can unknowingly happen.

Nosey-Rosies love to people watch at the park!

Then we headed down to see/feed the ducks.

Looks like they are having fun in that water. Maybe I could too? I like baths.

And in she goes...

Loving every last minute! Until it dawns on us. Our dog just jumped in a nasty ass park pond!

Is that the smuggest face you've ever seen? Yeah, she smelled like a crotch after that, but that bath was worth it for getting to swim with the ducks.

We still couldn't resist the beautiful weather so we came home and washed our cars. Manual labor on my birthday? It was really nice to be outside.
I ended the evening snuggled on the couch with my 3 loves watching Sunday night shows. As I get older, my birthday is taking new shapes and form from the wild and crazy birthdays of my early 20s. I will not lie to you and say that I took to this change beautifully. There are definitely times that I miss not being able to sit down at a dinner table with 10 of my closest friends, but this is my life now. I'm learning to love where I am and trying to never forget how undeservedly blessed I am by the simple things. Growing up and old isn't all bad.