Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I miss my stuff!

Have I said that out loud to YOU lately? Well, if I haven't ~ I DO! Go ahead, get on your high and mighty soap box and tell me it's just stuff, but then go put ALL of your belongings (besides your clothes) in a storage unit for the next 15 months.

Of course it's not like I haven't shopped, but it's very strange to not put my decorative touch on my home. To give me a fix I recovered some junker chairs I found at the back of a junk store.
There were 2 of these beauties for $15 a piece. Are you as shocked as I am that they were in the junk store? Like a bad mom, I had to leave them sitting in my mom's garage for the past year, but she was kind enough to return them to me. She risked life & lung couped up for 5 hours in a small space with these things!
I've been in love with this fabric from hobby lobby for years now. Maybe only one year, but I've loved it since I saw it.
I think it turned out perfect for these little chairs!
I found the silver pillows at Ross for $6.99 the same day. Not sure if they will permanently make their home on the chairs, but it's fine for now. I just realized in looking at the picture that the pattern is going in a different direction on each chair. Would never have thought about it, but I love the flair it adds!