Friday, April 23, 2010

Gretchen Wilson is stuck in my head!

Our neighbor is a huge Mississippi State Fan and we've been itching to get out of town for some college baseball, so it was decided that we'd scratch this itch at Super Bulldog weekend in Starkvegas with Mississippi St. hosting Tennessee. His girlfriend suggested that we buy seats in the stadium, but he would not hear of it! It was decided that we'd sit out in left field on trailers. I couldn't quite picture it, but this is what we rolled up on!

Cue Gretchen...I am a redneck woman! This totally reminded me of the rooftop bleachers in the outfield at Wrigley. If the rooftop bleachers were on the roof of a beat up truck! Of course, I loved the junker charm of it all and was amazed at the creative efforts that people went to to ensure the maximum tailgating baseball experience!

We had our trailer all to ourselves and it was a perfect day for baseball. The high was 75 and ever so often a breeze found us. Funny how times change... I used to BAKE at baseball games. This day I came armed with my hat to cover my face, 30spf sunscreen and an umbrella! Somehow, I managed to still get some sun! Pretty wild, huh?

These are our neighbors! I'm pretty sure you've met their fur-babies, but here are their pretty faces! Aren't they cute? We adore them! The boys both share a major love of modern warfare, which affords us girls lots of magazine reading, gossiping & trash tv!

It's hard to naturally photograph tv watching and magazine reading, so I'm so glad we finally got a picture together!