Friday, May 28, 2010

the best is yet to come.

In 6 years of blogging I RARELY talk about my job in specifics, but Justin and I recently made a giant step in our career and I felt it worth sharing.

In July 2008 Justin entered into a program that we believe would most help him achieve his dream of owning his own restaurant. {I hope you can figure out by the pictures what the restaurant is. Due to google concerns I will not be writing the name out.} This program moved us to Norman, OK for a couple of months, Austin, TX for a couple of months and in January of 2009 to Tupelo, MS.

Here we are in front of "our" restaurant on President Obama's Inauguration Day. Our challenges were large, but with a combined 19 years of experience; we were so ready for the task. {No, that isn't a mistake. Justin's first day on the job was his 14th birthday. I only brought 5 years of experience to the table.}

We wore many different hats in the restaurant ~ boss, manager, counselor, mother, father, friend, milkshake spinner. At times it was emotionally exhausting and other times we were both overwhelmed by how obvious that this was more than our career ~ this was our ministry.
In July we got an Extreme Home Makeover! I never realized that Justin was wearing the same outfit! He looks great though, and so does our face lift! Goodbye red tile!

In May we were called in for our final interview. I got to go, so I made sure to dress us accordingly. Justin wasn't as thrilled to be taking the picture, but he's really good about indulging my need to match. Everyone we met commented on our coordinating styles and it made my heart proud!
All our hard work payed off ~ we are NOW bonafide restaurant owners. Life is good and they way things have been going lately I can tell that the best is yet to come.